The Scout Troop is the third and final section in the Group. 

It is open to direct joiners as well as those who were members of the Cub Pack between the ages of ten and 14
The Scouting journey by now is in full flow, the activities become much more adventurous and summer camps are now a week long. 
Scouts learn skills that will be with them for life, such as how to build and light a fire and then cook on it, how to navigate accurately and how to lead others. 
Typical activities include things like den building, cooking, wide games (think games or tag in a field in the dark!) and longer hikes still (such as our annual fish and chip hike to Laverstock). 

The Scouts meet on Thursday evenings between 7.30pm and 9pm


As a uniformed organisation, Scouts have a more mature uniform to help them not only be recognized as Scouts, but also to help them feel part of the wider organisation. A Scouts uniform is designed to be functional, yet smarter in appearance and more formal. most outdoor activities are done without uniform, but all meetings start and end dressed in full uniform, and all public events and competitions are attended in full uniform.

For Uniform and Badge Placement please click the link to the website.


To a Scout, there are many badges and awards available, unlike other sections, there are lots to be done, and you can find out on the link what is required.

Not all badges have to be earned, but the core badges, are what a Scout wants to work towards. unlike the other younger sections, there are badges available to Scouts, that can be done at home, or as part of a hobby and interest. This helps the young people gain valuable motivation, and skills for their extra curricular, and extra scouting activities. #SkillsForLife

Click the link below to see what you could earn, and what fun and skills you gain along the way!