The Beaver Colony is the start of the Scouting journey.

It is open for children Aged 6-8Yrs and introduces the basic concepts of Scouting. 
In Beavers your Child will take part in a variety of activities both indoors and out. 
The activities will all be safely managed but designed to stretch your child whilst also encouraging them to learn new skills. 
Typical activities might include making cards, playing games and going on hikes around the village. 

The Beavers meet on a Wednesday evening between 6pm and 7pm.


As a uniformed organisation, Beavers have a relaxed uniform to help them not only be recognized as Beaver Scouts, but also to help them feel part of the wider organisation.

For Uniform and Badge Placement please click the link to the website.


To a Beaver, there are many badges and awards availble, Click the link below to see what you could earn, and what fun and skills you gain along the way!