COVID 19 UPDATE 11th March 2021


There’s a positive update!

In line with the governments announcement, the NYA (National Youth Association), has allowed scouting to move to AMBER as of the 29th March 2021.

The Scout Association has also announced that we can return to Face to Face Scouting after this time with the relevant RA’s signed off. This means the Scout section will return to Face to Face Scouting in the new term after Easter!

All The leaders across all sections, have worked tirelessly to have the associated Risk Assessments done and signed off.The Scout section are announcing first their intent to return to scouting, with other sections to be announced as they go!

Finally a silver lining.Other section leaders will be in touch to let you know what their plans are nearer and to keep you updated.

There are restrictions in place limiting us, under the AMBER RA, we can only hold 15 scouts/cubs/beavers in any one session, with a maximum of 5 leaders.

If you are looking to join scouting, and would like to join one of our sections, please Contact Us for more information

Please stay well, and rest assured, Scouting will only return IF IT IS SAFE and the the risks are reduced.

If you would like any more info, or if you would like to read the RA, please get in touch with your section leaders.