Scouts, Doing what Scouts do!

One of our online sessions. as done by our very own leaders. the scouts made Bird Boxes and are donating them to a village project. this will allow the village to increase the bird wildlife and increase the welfare of the species already in the the area.

the scouts are painting and designing thier own boxes, and after building them together, they will be added to the village when we are allowed.

scouting is all about community, selfless commitment, and family. and this session we saw all getting involved and running smooth.

our aim of our online sessions is to try and keep things interactive! we all know we are bored ad staring at screens and making calls, so this is designed to get you out your seat, and get moving! you can still join the troop, even online. all it taks is to get in touch with the relevant section by clicking Contact Us and we will get back to you.

Stay well!